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Room712 Monami&Gallery Jan

Mona Karimi, my artistic name is Monami. I am an artist from

Iran. My arts are inspired by the lush pristine nature of the native Caspian Sea coastal region. I developed my aesthetic approach to art with the belief that nature is the ultimate artist. The inevitable corollary is that harmony with nature must preserve the environment, not harm it.

I mixed the colors in lucid crystalline resin with my soul, mind, and heart to reflect a part of God’s masterpiece and to create an artifact.


Zahra Shakerishemirani “Gallery_jan”

Iranian traditional art is a rich and vibrant cultural heritage that dates back thousands of years. It encompasses a wide range of artistic forms, including calligraphy, miniature painting, ceramics, metal- work, weaving, and architecture. One of the most prominent features of Iranian traditional art is the intricate geometric and floral patterns that are often used in these art forms. These patterns are inspired by nature and are meant to reflect the harmony and balance of the universe. Calligraphy is another important aspect of Iranian traditional art. Iranian calligraphers have been renowned for their mastery of the art form and have produced some of the most beautiful and elaborate calligraphic works in the world. In addition to calligraphy, Iranian miniature painting is also a prominent art form. Miniature paintings are highly detailed and often depict scenes from Persian literature and history. Iranian ceramics and metalwork are also well-known for their intricate designs and patterns. These art forms often feature geometric shapes and floral motifs and are decorated with a wide range of colors. Weaving is another important aspect of Iranian traditional art. Persian carpets, in particular, are world-renowned for their beauty and quality. Persian carpets are often adorned with intricate floral designs and geometric patterns. Finally, Iranian architecture is also a key component of traditional Iranian art. Iranian architecture is characterized by its intricate tile work, domes, and arches, and is renowned for its beauty and elegance

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