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Adeline (b.1971, Isabela, Philippines) is a mixed media artist with a passion for colors and graphics and is greatly inspired by the pop art milieu. Her fiberglass- and marble powder-reinforced resin sculptures are finished free-handed, with always fun, bright, and eclectic colors, infused with voluptuous roundness and sensual lines, and look more like they have been created from blown glass or porcelain.

Her subjects are derived from nature, an affinity she developed when she was young and reinforced by her time living in France, where Adeline studied Ikebana flower arrangements and worked as a florist.

Her most recent success was in 2019 when her Jungle Pop Panda collection was selected and showcased at the 7th Ras Al Khaimah Fine Art Festival in the United Arab Emirates. It won 1st prize in the sculpture category. The sculpture was exhibited at the National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah in February 2019.

Her work attracts much attention and has become immensely successful.

Adeline Buenaventura’s works are in private collections, installed in many public and private spaces, hotels, and architectural spaces in Asia and other places worldwide. They have also been widely exhibited in international art fairs and galleries around Asia, Europe, and the US in the last eight years.

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