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Room701&702 Busan Galleries Association

[ Thomas LAMADIEU ]

Purpose of work is to show about surrounding our everyday enviroment and another view of city construction. Digital vision which is taken blue sky by panorama between building and building is to be artist's canvas. Here the artist expresses brilliant imagination by painting.


Instead of living a resigned life trapped in social system, Fool works with the motto “Fool changes the world”. The uniform social system exerts influence on the economy, politics, culture, and community. The artist, who is thrown into the systematic social system, questions if he can influence positivity to the world, therefore he uses the name ‘Fool’ and tries to escape the system and structure. Fool creates his own world and introduces characters with their own experiences and on text writes paradoxical message. The artist presents a new way of life by erasing old customary experiences and filling them new experiences with fresh set of eyes.

[Najin LEE]

Artist Lee Na-jin is famous for his squeezing technique, which completes a painting by squeezing paint as if decoration a cake.

The biggest characteristic of Lee Jin's work can be said to be a colorful and unburdened decorative feeling. Usually, the feeling of "pretty" comes intensely as a first impression, but it is also the result of the artist's long-term material research.

Lee Na-jin creates his own paint by combining various ingredients. The viscosity and transparency of the paint, which differ in everything you want to express, add originality and a three-dimensional feel to a painting of common materials such as animals and flowers. The thickly covered paint deepens its shadow when there is light, and its dimensions become stronger, and materials such as glass powder and pearls hidden between the paints create a decorative feeling of the painting.

[Yoon Sang Yuel]

The artist Yoon Sangyuel [b.1970-] pursues linear painting that emphasizes a prominent depth. Using mechanical pencil, an analog material, with a digital printing technique, he focuses highly on the harmony of emotions and reasoning. Lines that vary with fine differences in thickness are more dynamically spreading a sense of spatial depth that cannot be measured for an instant on the paper or transparent acrylic.

Therefore, the artist's words, "I want to live like an arrow," sound like am alternative declaration of self-discipline that he will walk the path of an artist without wavering. Yoon Sangyuel's constant and repetitive line drawing in his work is marked with extremely skilled spirit and high sensitivity.

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