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Room622 吳 觀 麟Ng Kwun Lun & 馮 以 力Fung Yee Lick

吳 觀 麟Ng Kwun Lun


Artist’s statement

The Stone Dream Series consist of illusionary expressions - a piece of stone is dreaming, dreaming of transforming itself into a formidable mountain, and floating in the space of incomprehensible weightlessness, rising and yet falling. These daydreaming experiences are in fact my thoughts on striving for perfection, and expressing my vision for the future.


馮 以 力Fung Yee Lick


馮以力(1985 年生於香港,香港中文大學藝術文學碩士及英國萊斯特大學博物館學碩士) 居於香港,現任教於香港大學專業進修學院中國書法文憑課程及普通課程。馮氏之書法繼承 歷史之縱向發展脈絡,觀察並實驗富時代感之造形章法,力求以筆墨語言反映意識和精神深 層面貌;另外其當代藝術實踐主要從東方哲學角度探討人類意識起源以至觀看事物的方法, 並在當代語境下觀察和實驗人類理智、身體、情感以至倫理關係,作為一種東方藝術的當代 呈現。

About the artist FUNG Yee Lick Eric (b. 1985 Hong Kong, MA Fine Arts CUHK & MA Museum Studies University of Leicester) is an ink and mixed media artist delving into the heritage and historical development of Chinese calligraphy. He has been observing and experimenting with calligraphic representations that embody modernity, contemplating to reflect the mind and the spirituality through ink, strokes and words. With a keen interest in exploring and understanding the origins of human consciousness and perspectives, he also seeks to apply his art practice in response to the contemporary issues of human senses, identity and history.

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