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Room621 國璽藝術GSA Gallery


The main force of GSA Gallery is to promote outstanding contemporary artists in Taiwan and integrate art into daily life. 曹文瑞 ∣ Wen Jui TSAO

虛實並置的超現實意境,呈現奇異虛幻空間場域。 The surreal realm of juxtaposition of virtual and real presents a strange and illusory spatial field. 柯適中 ∣ Shih Chung KO


Use wild imagination to create your own unique graffiti symbols where concreteness and abstraction harmonize with each other.

林文政 ∣ Wen Jen LIN 旅遊紀錄走過的美景,生活中堆疊精彩動人意境。 Travel records the beautiful scenery traveled, and life is piled up with exciting and moving artistic conception.

蔡英君 ∣ Kimmy TSAI

揮灑生命靈動的色彩,豐富展現天真童趣之情感。 Splashing the vibrant colors of life, enriching the expression of innocent and childlike emotions. 廖文彬 ∣ Wen Pin LIAO 運用布手套擬人創造,體悟文明與自然共存共生。

Using cloth gloves to create personification, Understand the coexistence and symbiosis of civilization and nature.

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