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Room 967 黑森林藝術空間

無論是寧芮潔以紅髮的小女孩—MOI ,作為內心童年的想像,開始創作關於她內心不可思議的大世界。駱志豪透過水墨無彩度的演譯,用腦海裡的記憶片段,做了一種紀念性的再現與檢視。


Whether it is Ning Rui-Jie, who uses the red-haired little girl-MOI as her inner childhood imagination, and begins to create the incredible world in her heart. Luo Chih hao made a kind of commemorative reproduction and inspection with the memory fragments in his mind through the interpretation of the achromaticity of ink and wash.

Or He Enyi interprets the dialogue between life and nature with exquisite aesthetics, active and innovative media and techniques. In a small and limited space, we hope to lead different levels of interaction and understanding through the creation of artists~ 展出藝術家 寧芮潔







寧芮潔: 「2021年,我以紅髮的小女孩—MOI ,作為內心童年的想像,開始創作關於我內心不可思議的大世界。」

Ning Rui-Jie :“In 2021, I use the little red-haired girl MOI as the imagination of my inner childhood,

and start to create an incredible big world about my inner heart. ”


駱志豪: 我抽取了至今腦海裡的記憶片段,做了一種紀念性的再現,同時也是一種檢視。透過水墨無彩度的演譯...

Luo Chih hao : I extracted the memory fragments in my mind so far and made a commemorative re-engraving, which can be regarded as a kind of investigation. Interpreting through ink on paper...


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