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Room 966 尼頌詩藝術

Naissance 是法文「誕生」的意思!而畫廊取名為「誕生」,希望本畫廊將帶領藝術家們走進一個新的次元,誕生出更多具有藝術價值,及經得起市場考驗的創作品,甚至是讓藝術家在歷史的洪流上立足,本著推廣藝術文化的使命,作為畫廊主要目標,期待台灣的美學教育及藝術文化能走入大家的生活中,落實生活即是藝術,藝術即是生活,人人都是創作家的概念,紮進新一代的生活中!更是希望能激盪出更多的火花,讓一種新的文化產生…

此次展覽展出當代10位藝術家 1. 廖吉雄LIAU C-Hs

2. 廖本生LIAO Pen-Shen

3. 廖敏君LIAO Min-Chun

4. 楊煥照 YANG Huan-Chao

5. 吳金河WU Chin-Ho

6. 李再然LI Zai-Ran

7. 匡瑜Kuang-Yu

8. 陳彥伯 CHEN Yen-Po

9. WuLA(侯誠堯)

10. 李梓維LEE Zi-Wei Naissance is French "birth" meant! The gallery named "birth", We hope this gallery will lead the artists went into a new dimension, the birth of a more artistic creations value, and stand the test of the market, and even let the artist in the history of the flood based on the spirit of the mission to promote the arts and culture, as the gallery's main goal, look aesthetic education and arts and culture in Taiwan can walk into everyone's life, namely the implementation of life is art, art is life, everyone is a creator of the concept , headlong into the next generation of life! Is hoping to bring out more spark, so a new culture to produce.

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