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Room 939&950 Seeking Infinity


Seeking Infinity presents a joint exhibition of three mid-career artists.

Lydia Moawad (b.1965) is considered as one of the most renowned contemporary Lebanese painters. Her artwork is an exploration of colour, movement and emotion, she works with a high vibration of positive energy, the feeling comes from the core and spreads between the conception and the creation.

Oliviero Masi (b.1948), an Italian printmaker with exceptional technical ability and poetic sensibility. Masi explores the variable nuances of light and colour using a sophisticated combination of soft-ground and aquatint techniques. His multiplate intaglio prints are exquisite and have the look and texture of pastel drawings.

Thomas Carrigan (b.1979) adopts the tradition of classical painting, while creating an image that fits the modern era. His multilayered pieces capture motion and the continual flow of time. He often leaves areas in a lesser state of completion, referring to the time that has elapsed in the creation as “fragments of time.”

Seeking Infinity展出三位中位藝術家的精彩作品:

Lydia Moawad(生於1965年)被認為是黎巴嫩最著名的當代藝術家之一。她的藝術是對色彩、動態和情感的探索;帶有強烈的正能量,靈感來自於其內心的感覺。她曾於加拿大的尼亞加拉大瀑布歷史博物館、位於摩洛哥的阿加迪爾博物館,以及亞洲和歐洲多國展出。

Oliviero Masi(生於 1948年)是一位具有非凡技巧及對詩意有強烈感觸的意大利版畫家。他通過山水系列描繪意大利郊野環境並抒發對其的情感,並以用色的複雜組合探索光線和顏色的細微差別。他的作品大多是銅版畫(凹版),既細膩且具有粉彩畫般的外觀和質感。

Thomas Carrigan(生於1979年)的作品揉合了古典繪畫的傳統,並帶有當代的韻味及獨特性。他的畫作捕捉動態和時間的流動,藉畫中留下的空白位置隱喻已逝去的時間,將其喻為「時間的碎片」。


Seeking Infinity is also excited to introduce the concept of owning whisky casks to investors and whisky enthusiasts in Taiwan. Rare whisky value grew by a staggering 582% over the last 10 years. This prompted international investors and family offices to consider adding whisky casks to their portfolios as an alternative investment, resulting in a more attractive return on investment due to a significant difference between supply and demand. Likewise, whisky enthusiasts and corporations can hold the whisky casks for certain years for independent bottling, to share the joy of whisky with friends, customers, and enthusiasts worldwide.

Seeking Infinity欣然地為台灣的投資者及威士忌愛好者介紹一個與威士忌有關的投資概念。在過去10年間,珍稀威士忌的資產值的增長高達5.82倍,增幅驚人。這促使眾多的國際投資者及家族辦公室紛紛考慮把原桶威士忌加入其另類投資選項,在長期供不應求的情況下期望實現更理想的回報。同時,威士忌愛好者及私營企業更可選擇持有威士忌酒桶並在合適年期進行獨立裝瓶,與一眾好友、企業客戶及大眾分享威士忌的喜悅。

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