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Room 603 Born To Entertain Studio William Kan


Artist Introduction:

In the world of cinema and art, there exists a luminary whose journey has been nothing short of remarkable. William Kan, a visionary artist, graduated from Hong Kong City University's Animation Department in 1999, and from that point forward, his life has been a testament to boundless creativity and an astute artistic sensibility.

William stands as a multifaceted artist, distinguished by his extraordinary achievements. He holds the prestigious title of being China's very first director to shatter the billion-dollar milestone at the box office in the animation film industry. His magnum opus, the "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" series, with four monumental films, collectively grossing nearly 100 million USD, stands as a testament to his unparalleled prowess.

As William has delved deeper into the realms of film and art, he's embarked on a captivating journey of self-expression. In 2023, he introduced his art series, "SOUL," which swiftly gained a devoted following and widespread acclaim on Instagram. It wasn't long before galleries around the world took notice, extending invitations for exhibitions. His inaugural solo art exhibition in June this year, hosted at "Reqo Creative Studio" in Taipei City, was nothing short of a triumph, attracting luminaries from various walks of life and boasting the sale of numerous exquisite artworks. Looking ahead to 2024, William is poised to take his art global, with a touring exhibition spanning Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, and Paris.

In the ever-evolving world of art and cinema, William shines as a trailblazer, shaping the industry's future while leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of creativity.

Curatorial Statement:

Art has always been the sanctuary of my soul, a place where I can freely express thoughts and emotions. Through countless hours of honing my skills, experimenting with different mediums, and exploring various techniques, I've discovered my unique artistic voice – and now I'm ready to amplify that voice through my first solo art exhibition.

Every stroke and every expression on canvas reflects a part of my soul, unveiling the intricate layers of my emotions and experiences. Over the past few years, I've encountered profound experiences that have deeply influenced my artistic perspective. The joys, sorrows, and challenges of life have become invaluable teachers, guiding me towards profound self-discovery. My artwork reflects the lessons I've learned – resilience in adversity, the beauty found in simple moments, and the transformative power of personal growth. The journey of self-discovery and artistic growth is a process of transformation. Through my art, I've learned to embrace vulnerability and authenticity. Each brushstroke represents a step toward self-acceptance and acknowledging a unique perspective.

Embarking on my personal art exhibition, "Soul," is a profound and exhilarating experience. It's an opportunity for me to share my artistic evolution, the lessons I've learned, and the emotions I've experienced. Through this exhibition, I hope to create a space where the audience can deeply connect with my artwork, fostering introspection, empathy, and a sense of sharing in the human experience. "Soul" not only represents my growth as an artist but also embodies my desire to touch the hearts and minds of others, leaving a profound impression on the audience long after the exhibition concludes.

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