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Room 919 錨點_泊點

展覽概念 Exhibition Concept




Globalization has not only shortened the distance between countries, but also let us slightly ease the tension between anchors and moorings through technology, culture, and environment. Dots are connected into lines, stretched, shrunk, twisted, and entangled, as we wander from anchor points to mooring points, leaving evidence of living. The action of traveling can be one of the best proofs of that.

Cross-country, or long-distance movement, makes the concept of home even more complex. What is home? Is it a family? Is it a house? Or is it the bed that you have been lying in since you were a child? Home is a very old concept. Not only is it a place to settle, but it is also a relationship that gives people a sense of belonging. People can live in a place without a place to belong. This sense of belonging, like an anchor point, can hardly be affected when anchored.

In this exhibition, five artists from different countries and cultural backgrounds share their thoughts on “anchor points and mooring points". From different perspectives, they experimented with their own sub-topics and tried to elaborate on their experiences in made-on-site artworks during their residency in Taiwan. 參展藝術家 Artist

藤瀬朱里Fujise Akari 出生日本東京,現居東京。在慶應義塾大學取得認知科學學士學位,並在英國坎伯韋爾藝術學院學習當代繪畫。透過使用各種媒材所創造的線條來探討繪畫的可能性。她對認知科學,量子物理學及氣候變化的關心,促使她捕捉並紀錄世界上遙遠卻糾纏的關係,及影響人們情緒的大小事。透過她的藝術實踐,她試圖尋找情緒與氛圍融合的新地圖。

Born and raised in Tokyo, she obtained her BA majoring in cognitive science at Keio University and studied contemporary drawing at Camberwell College of Arts. She has explored the possibilities of drawing by creating physical or imaginary lines with a variety of media. In particular, her interest in cognitive science, quantum physics, and climate change has led her to capture the relationships in the world where distant objects become entangled and small and large events simultaneously move emotions. Through her art practice, she seeks to challenge herself to draw new maps where emotions and atmospheres are stitched together.

Solo Exhibition

2023 Where the kiss will be tomorrow, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo, Japan

2022 Songs to Make the Dust Dance on the Beams, ONA Project room, Tokyo, Japan

2021 I heard the quiet dismantling sound, Gallery33, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition / Others

2022 Drawing Tube “Signals”, NADiff a/p/a/r/t, Tokyo, Japan

2022 Mother Nature, N/A Art SITE, Tokyo, Japan

2021 Art Action UK Online Residency (Online exhibition)

2021 Drawing Tube Signal Project (Online exhibition)

2020 Lunar New Year, London, UK

2019 Camberwell New Art, London, UK

彭慆 Clinton Pang To


Clinton is an art practitioner and researcher from Hong Kong, graduated from Global Art Practice, MFA program at Tokyo University of the Arts. Clinton's creative intentions are mostly driven by self-reflections, comprehension and his own mental state, interested in understanding one-self, and the relationship with his surroundings throughout his art practice mainly in drawing, and expanding to various mediums. He's also interested in discovering more perspectives to appreciate different kinds of artworks, and understand the relationships between art, knowledge and humanity through the method of research.

2021 Between Dynamics and Stillness, Tokyo, Japan

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