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游孟書Meng-shu You


2014年返回台灣成立工作室,孟書的創作路徑開始轉向,從一個全球化的第三者觀點,回到了自身的思考與實驗,開始使用玩具積木為元素,發表了「不許哭」、「 I Hate Myself」、「辦不到」、「Kill Me」、「悲滅說」、「Face the Wall」系列等等。利用現成物、陶瓷、雕塑等等不同材質與面向,嘗試挑戰自己在藝術創作的邊際。

2022年接觸綠建材「珊瑚土」,從材質陶瓷與土為出發點,回歸到藝術家愛海與自然的初心,2023年五月將於「Whatz Art Fair」個展發表「珊與海」系列。

Meng-shu You had lived in the US, Australia, and China from 2002- 2014, experienced ‘Post-911’ Era. As the identity of Taiwanese artist, her art themes had criticized the issue of cultural hegemony through globalization within her post-colonial perspectives. The works such as ‘Cup and Cupholder’ series, ‘Coca-colonization’ series, ‘Cultural Bricks’, and ‘Mei Li Bai Bai’ series, represent Meng-shu's artist reflections at that moment by adapting various codes and strategies in contemporary art.

In 2014, Meng-shu moved back to Taiwan and set up a studio. The patterns of her studio practice have started shifting from the outsider of globalization to internal personal thinking and exploring. She has applied toy blocks as the element, challenging the edge of her art practices by using already made objects, ceramics, and sculpture. The selected works such as ‘You Can’t Cry’, ‘I Hate Myself’, ‘Can’t Do

It’ ‘Kill Me’, ‘The Song of Melancholy’ and the series of ‘Face the Wall’.

From 2022 to now, Meng-shu has cooperated with the new green building material ‘Fossilized Coral Powder’ with clay and ceramics. The new series named ‘Coral and Sea’, recalling the artist’s love of ocean and nature, will be released at Meng-shu's solo-exhibition at Whatz Art Fair, 2023 May in Taipei.

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