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Room 908 黃俊嘉

一直以來,寫寫字成為日常生活,拿起軟筆看似塗塗抹抹,卻也無的放矢在平面上自由揮灑,那是我永遠不會忘記的任彼端延續自體情感,或是一種紀念、一種認同,當下所有不可見成為一種可見。 可以說,開啟毫端生命啟示,乃是無意間的創作機緣「對書藝這件事看法」,在沉默之中得以釋放。

For a long time, writing has become an important part of my daily life. Picking up a brush pen seems like a scribble on a piece of paper , but it is also symbolize the freedom to express myself through the strokes. Commemoration, a kind of identification, all the invisible in the present becomes a kind of visible. It can be said that the opening of life revelation is an unintentional creative opportunity: "Views on the art of calligraphy".

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