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Room 902 御陶坊藝廊



YTF Gallery was established in 2019. Through this exhibition space, more people can come to know ceramic art not just as functional vessels, but as forms that can express rich and varied shapes, textures, and styles, embodying unique artistic values. We are also committed to deeply cultivating and discovering outstanding artists who possess creativity and foresight, not limited to ceramic art. YTF Gallery will also present works in different media.

In the future, we will regularly hold exhibitions, participate in domestic and international art fairs, and interact with the public, wholeheartedly serving everyone who loves art.


中島華映 Nakajima Hanae







The female figures depicted by Nakajima Hanae possess an indescribable charm. What catches the eye is not only the use of unique colors, but also rich imagination. The artist often projects herself and those around her onto her paintings, presenting them in subtle body movements and fantastical ways, using soft colors and strokes to express delicate and graceful flow.

Perhaps because of self-taught painting, the artist is able to think freely without being constrained by frameworks.

"There are various shapes in daily life, which is very interesting. When I'm painting, sometimes I see interesting parts that I haven't noticed before, and I try to capture the excitement and fun I felt at the time in my painting."

Starting with publishing painting online, the artist's presence is gradually being transmitted to the real world.



有時我們會感到社會與世界和當今人們之間有一道牆,他們已經習慣於在社交網站和網路上看到每天的信息流動,並且已經習慣成為其他人或是將對自己具有重要意義的事情已藏在其他事情之下。 他們臉上看似可愛的表情,或許就是這種人的冷漠和無奈。




Yamada Miyu's works project those who live in the interstices of the times and contemporary society. Through repeated drawings, her works are spiced with irony and rebellion against the stereotypes of society that he feels every day.

There are moments when we feel a wall between society and the world and the people of today, who have become accustomed to seeing the daily flow of information on social networking sites and the Internet.

The seemingly lovable expressions on their faces may be the indifference and helplessness of such people.

Yamada Miyu's work has been focused on drawings. She depicts the accidental movements of drawings made in places such as trains or inside homes, leaving the floating, comfortable gaps and incompleteness of the drawings as she dares.

What is depicted is both myself and the viewer in an era of great change.

Through her works, he clarifies her own position and at the same time, he positions herself as a bridge to connect with the society and the viewers.


Justin Kidding

Justin Kidding 是一位來自香港的藝術家,他的創作風格以流行和街頭藝術為主,善於將經典卡通角色重新詮釋並融入自己獨特的創意設計,為畫作賦予獨特的風格。他的畫作經常為社會帶來新的世界觀,有時批判,有時幽默,他善於捕捉當下生活的符號和元素,以創意的方式呈現出充滿現代感的風格,讓觀者能夠在作品中感受到當代社會的脈動和氛圍。

Justin Kidding 的作品獨具匠心,每一幅畫作都有自己獨特的故事和情感表達,從而引發觀者的共鳴和思考。他的畫作是對當代文化和生活方式的獨特詮釋,將街頭文化和藝術相互結合,呈現出不同於傳統藝術的風格和意義。這些作品不僅是藝術創作,更是對當代社會和文化的深刻思考和表達,具有重要的藝術價值和社會意義。

Justin Kidding is an artist from Hong Kong, whose creative style is mainly influenced by pop and street art. He is skilled at reinterpreting classic cartoon characters and incorporating his unique creative designs to give his artwork a distinct style. His paintings often bring a new worldview to society, sometimes critical, sometimes humorous, as he captures the symbols and elements of contemporary life and presents them in a creative way, full of modernity and style, enabling viewers to feel the pulse and atmosphere of contemporary society in his works.

Justin's works are unique and each painting has its own unique story and emotional expression, inspiring resonance and reflection among viewers. His paintings are a unique interpretation of contemporary culture and lifestyle, combining street culture and art, presenting a style and meaning different from traditional art. These works are not only artistic creations, but also profound expressions and reflections of contemporary society and culture, possessing significant artistic value and social meaning.


Kazy Chan

Kazy Chan 以繪畫和陶瓷雕塑為創作媒介,配合鮮明的用色,他所創作的日常人物、動物、物件,充滿了童趣奇幻的風格。但當你細細品來,卻會發現他們竟靦腆地站在門後,小心翼翼地向我們敘述現實中的荒誕。

Kazy Chan的作品融合不同古典藝術元素與現代故事互相結合,在柔和而模糊的筆觸下創作出具象徵意義的人物角色。創作題目又以男孩為基礎,配合對成長的想像,探索著內心另一面的故事。

Kazy Chan uses painting and ceramic sculpture as his creative mediums, and with vivid colors, he creates everyday characters, animals, and objects that are filled with a whimsical and fantastical style. However, upon closer inspection, you'll notice that they are actually shyly standing behind doors, carefully telling us about the absurdity of reality.

Kazy Chan's works blend different classical art elements with modern stories, creating figurative characters with soft and blurry strokes that carry symbolic meanings. His creative themes are based on boys, with an imagination for growth, exploring the inner stories of another side of their personality.










HUANG JIAN RUI uses the overlapping of humans, animals, plants, and organic forms, much like the collision and tension between personal inner emotional energy and rational beliefs. The artist uses his imagination to create works that search for a spiritual and emotional haven that belongs to him.

HUANG JIAN RUI often immerses himself in nature, from the ocean that nurtures all things to the forests surrounded by trees. In this process, HUANG JIAN RUI explores and feels the simplest and purest forms of life, the postures of animals, the spiritual aspects of various shapes, the diversity of plants, and their endless vitality. Life is so powerful and beautiful, and perhaps the answers he seeks can be found in it.

What is faith? This has always been a question mark in the heart of the artist HUANG JIAN RUI. What should one believe in? What is worth believing in in this world? For many people, believing in religion can bring comfort and strength to their inner selves, or it can be a belief. But in the artist's heart, there is still no god or words that can define the world before him clearly. "I am still exploring and looking for something that is meaningful and worth believing in for me."


林怡慧 Lin Yi Huei




Artist Lin Yi Huei had different kinds of pets during her childhood, and all the memories have become the nutrients and energy of her works. She shows her care for the natural environment through an amiable image.

We all want to be our authentic selves, but as we grow day by day, it’s getting harder and harder to retain the imagination and warmth of our childhood. Lead children to an imaginative world, whether it’s good or evil.

However, several issues about humane, conservation, ecology, and reproduction of plants and animals are still happening. The artist manifests the discrepancy between the fairy tales and real-life through the various adorable image. The difference isn’t only about imagination and reality, and also the reflections on the environment. You may find that kind of gap now exists between “who I used to be and who I am now” when you look into it.






Human memory begins from "nothing", and "supplements" help us build a broader space for us to remember "important" matters. Yet with time, our memories slowly dwindle into "nothing".

We search through our memories using faint impressions, and among these scattered moments, we pick up a pen and force ourselves to remember, however fleeting each moment is. We find out that they are distorted and blurry. The pen scribbles repeatedly on the piece of paper, starting, then stopping, then starting again. It tries to pick up the broken fragments. It flickers and spins, twisting around above our heads.

After graduating with a degree in design, Sara Hung transitioned from a graphic designer to an artist. She continuously strives to define the concept of "beauty," and merges art and design to expand the plasticity of beauty. Her works utilize not only ceramics but also sand and stones as main materials. Through using mixed media as a metaphor, she reflects on her own values and philosophies, and explores her own utopian world.

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