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Room 772劉政融Liu Zheng Rong


Liu Zheng Rong

1997年生於台灣高雄,目前於國立臺南大學視覺藝術與設計學系研究所就讀。劉政融過去歷經疾病之苦,在現代科學醫療無法完全治癒他苦痛之時,藝術與宗教進入了他的生命之中 ,這種境遇深刻地影響了其人生觀,因此在創作時,常將宗教的元素融入到自己的作品當中。劉政融將"神像"視為一種主要發想,以探討宗教、神秘和科幻在當代社會中的交互影響,而作品試圖在不同元素之間建立聯繫,探索宗教與科技、傳統與現代之間的對話。

Born in 1997 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Liu Zheng Rong is currently a student the at the National University of Tainan Graduate Institute of Visual Arts and Design. His life was profoundly marked by a past illness, a pain that modern medical science could not completely alleviate. During those hallenging times art and religion entered his life, significantly shaping his worldview. As a result, religious elements frequently permeate his creative works. He regards the ‘icon’ as a primary source of inspiration, using it to explore the interplay of religion, mysticism, and science fiction in contemporary society. His works attempt to establish connections between disparate elements, seeking to foster dialogue between religion and technology as well as tradition and modernity. His unique perspective and innovative approach invite the audience to reflect on these profound themes while adding new depth to the conversation.

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