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Wittawat Tongkeaw

Art is a combination of various sign systems. To be a picture representing the meaning according to the experience and perception of the viewer.

These two paintings use the language of painting to create a representation of the meaning of a period in Thai political history that is full of complexity and turmoil, with a landscape that is not as straightforward as the eye can see.


The statement of my works

Praiya's painting presents The ecological world and the existence of small plant species that tend to be overlooked including other small living things that live together in the same ecosystem. Her paintings tell stories in different places, times, and situations. Everything has its own purpose and always has an effect to things around it.

The work "stellar", a small red flower in a star shape growing up next to the field, calm but stands out amidst the chaos of branches. There are tiny butterflies representing time flying around, the best time and space at that point.

The work “falling rain” The atmosphere of that day was the rain falling, hitting the white Ami Majus flowers that looks like umbrellas, receiving and reflecting a rain drop like a philosophy. A tree that is made of a part of the earth, soil and rain drops. The atmosphere of the work is like being in a trance and a white butterfly representing a space in another world that sometimes we forget about.

And for the little painting ”Soak up The sun” Everything coexists on one nice day.

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