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Room 618 Queen’s Art Gallery

我們Queen‘s Art Gallery位於美麗的韓國釜山海雲台的海灘附近。我們主要展示傳達人們內心和平的作品。尤其是,我們發掘並熱切支持默默致力於藝術活動的藝術家,幫助他們的努力和作品得到人們的認可和喜愛。希望能幫助到訪畫廊的藝術藏家和觀眾,通過藝術品找到慰藉和力量,過上幸福的生活。

Our Queen's Art Gallery is located near the beautiful Haeundae Beach in Busan, Republic of Korea. We mostly exhibits artworks that bringing comfort to those who visit our gallery. Especially we discover and strongly support artists who apply themselves to their artistic activities, helping their efforts and artworks be recognized and loved by many people. We hope to help art collectors and audiences who visit the gallery to find solace and strength through artworks and live a happy life.

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