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This initiative aims to strengthen the confidence of young artists and create exposure for their works, so that they can be seen internationally. WHATZ invites professionals to be the judges to apprise and select WHATZ Talent in 2024. The winners will be exhibited at WHATZ International Contemporary Art Fair (WHATZ Art Fair 2024) in May 2024. 


01.Individual artists and artist collectives are welcome to apply, all artworks will be appraised as a whole.

02.Four winners will be awarded, with their artworks presented at WHATZ Art Fair on 10-12 May 2024.


WHATZ Art Co., Ltd.



01.All artists must be born on or after January 1981.

02.Artist collective applicants must meet the requirement in 4.1.1 and provide the following information upon submission of application:

• Name of artist collective

• Details of the representative

• List of artists with date of birth


01.Applicants should file an application before 31 March 2024 via WHATZ official website.

02.For further details, please refer to WHATZ Superstar 2024 Application Guide.


01.Applications open until 23:59, 31 March 2024.

02.Only the four winners will be notified, results will also be announced on WHATZ official website.


01.WHATZ invites curators, and professionals to form a selection committee to select four winners, with an opportunity to exhibit at WHATZ Art Fair in May 2024.

02.The selection committee reserves the right not to select the four winners, should they feel the proposed artworks do not meet the standard.

03.All applicants should create backup for any information and documentations used in filing the application.


01.Artworks of 4 winners will be presented at WHATZ Art Fair in May 2024, 2 artists/artist collectives per exhibition room.

02.All awarded artists must be present at the fair, and be responsible for pre- and post-fair artwork delivery, room setup and dismantling, as well as handling art sales onsite.


01.Winners of WHATZ Talent 2024 will present their artworks at WHATZ Art Fair at Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel on 10-12 May 2024. WHATZ reserves the right to assign their exhibition spaces and assign respective space to waitlisted participants should the winners fails to exhibit at the fair. Such decisions are final.

02.All exhibits at WHATZ Art Fair must be available for sale and shall not be consigned to any third parties.

03.All winners should plan and curate their presentation before the fair and dismantle and restore room setting after the fair. Any costs occurred are payable by the winners. 04.60% of the art sales made at WHATZ Art Fair proceeds to the winner, with the remaining amount proceeds to WHATZ Art Co., Ltd..

05.Winners of WHATZ Talent 2024 agree and authorize WHATZ to utilize their artwork images and other submitted information for marketing activities and other publicity programme, including but not limited to print collaterals, broadcast media and online coverage.

06.All proposed exhibits must be created by the artists, with the copyright owned by the artists. The Organizer reserves the right to terminate an application or withdraw an award, should they find any artworks breach intellectual property right, or any information provided untrue.


For enquiries, please contact WHATZ International Contemporary Art Fair

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, with changes made on WHATZ official website.

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